Emily is one of the smartest, fastest, most capable, and most diligent editors I ever worked with. She took on some huge challenges, including daily production of The Dallas Morning News‘ iPad app, and she handled them with great grace and intelligence. She never missed a deadline, never made a mistake, and showed excellent judgment in the hundreds of decisions she had to make every night, on deadline. She also volunteered to work as a copy editor on our night desk, and distinguished herself there, as well. That’s remarkable, given that she was fairly new to the business and that our copy desk was repeatedly recognized as among the nation’s finest. In new media and in traditional work, Emily excelled.

George Rodrigue, editor, The Plain Dealer (former managing editor, The Dallas Morning News)

Emily Goldstein is one of the most talented and versatile journalists I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside. Her exceptional talent as an editor is enhanced by her top-notch writing skills, and she sees every piece she works on from myriad angles, making it exponentially better. She is thorough but supremely easy to work with; Emily makes collaborating on any project a joy and is an asset on any team.

Jennifer Enfinger Moreland, graphic designer (former assistant managing editor, neighborsgo, The Dallas Morning News)

Emily was an outstanding intern at The Dallas Morning News and impressed her co-workers with her hard work ethic and quest for learning. I remember an incident when she wanted to report a particularly difficult story and she worked creatively and with tenacity to chase it down. She was a standout among scores of interns at the newspaper. Of course there was one strong difference between her and the other interns. She was a high school student and they were in college.

Kimberly Durnan, director of communication, The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas (former reporter, The Dallas Morning News)