How far have we come?

This letter to the editor, written by the strongest person I know, ran in The Dallas Morning News on Aug. 17, 2000. My mother’s words and the community’s response inspired me to become a journalist. Yet 17 years later, the question and answer are heartbreakingly unchanged.

How far have we come?

So, you think Dallas, Texas, let alone this country, is ready to embrace a Jewish vice president? On July 3 I awoke at about 4 a.m. to find the outside of my home desecrated with swastikas, hateful swear language, and the message “WWJD? Die Jews” written in shaving cream across the hood of our car. This occurred in economically strong, well-educated, culturally diverse Plano.

So, my question to all of you is: how far have we come?

My answer: apparently not nearly far enough.

Carol Goldstein, Plano


Editor Emily’s Favorite Phrases: Aug. 7, 2017

giphy (5)

Every week, I jot down the most colorful expressions I encounter while editing.

  • “how many teenagers’ cars have fogged up to the sound of ‘Your Body Is a Wonderland’”
  • “Tex-Mex paint-by-number”
  • “a tiny grocery cart, something a mouse would pilot in a dollhouse-sized grocery store”
  • “holy triumvirate of Texas”
  • “the legendary peripeteia of his penis”

Yeah, I had to look it up, too. Here you go.

Editor Emily’s Favorite Phrases: July 19, 2017

giphy (4)

Every week, I jot down the most colorful expressions I encounter while editing.

  • “weeping and mucilaginous”
  • “buttery haze”
  • “god-sized spreadsheet extending down from heaven”
  • “might as well curl up under our beds in the fetal position and watch cat videos until we die”
  • “end-of-Titanic cold”

If you need me, I’ll be under my bed watching cat videos. Doesn’t sound so bad to me.

5 things Texas lawmakers would rather be doing than attending the special session

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Texas lawmakers will return to Austin on Tuesday for the special session called by Gov. Greg Abbott. Here are a few ideas of things they’d rather be doing.

  1. Going to the dentist: The Texas Tribune reports that dozens of bills were filed Monday after Abbott issued a declaration for the special session. But surely some lawmakers would rather deal with a cavity that needs to be filled than a bills that have been filed. (Maybe some cat posters that say “hang in there” would help, too.)
  2. Getting a colonoscopy: They’re already discussing issues of privacy with Texas’ “bathroom bill.” Why not go for this invasive procedure? It’s recommended once you reach 50.
  3. Using a public restroom: My bathroom bill would ban people from talking on their cellphones inside the stall next to me.
  4. Going back to middle school: A little tween awkwardness and classmates’ bullying might be easier to endure than debate about school finance.
  5. Renewing a driver’s license: You might be waiting in a Department of Public Safety office until sunset, but you won’t have to hear anything else about the “sunset bill.”

Editor Emily’s Favorite Phrases: June 27, 2007


Every week, I jot down the most colorful expressions I encounter while editing.

  • “the heft and hue of a baby golden retriever”
  • “chopstickably small”
  • “Clint Eastwood at the height of his vulpine allure”
  • “ultimately vengeful she-savage”
  • “on a tot-by-tot basis”

All of this week’s phrases are from food and film reviews, and the category is pretty obvious for most. But can you guess what that golden retriever puppy refers to?

Editor Emily’s Favorite Phrases: June 20, 2017

Every week, I jot down the most colorful expressions I encounter while editing.

  • “victorious insurrectionary cabal”
  • “the power of Captain America punching a thousand Hitlers in the face”
  • “burnt toast soaked in the leftover milk from your Lucky Charms”
  • “comic post-apocolyptic action-drama”
  • “muscular, Speedo-clad butt”

Finally, a supervisor’s thoughts on copy editing: “Let me know if you catch any errors or stupidity.”